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If you want to exchange something with us for the product you need, just write to us about it on WhatsApp or Viber.

The exchange of money and cryptocurrencies is very simple.

Convenient monitoring of reliable crypto exchangers with exchange rates: BestChange.com.

Delivery terms.

You can find out the delivery time from our employees.

The delivery time depends on the degree of development of the infrastructure of the country of origin of the goods. More often, the cargo with your goods is handed over to an international logistics company and in 2 weeks the goods will be brought to you. But sometimes .... goods are bought at the market like 500 years ago, then they are delivered to the port on foot or on pack animals, then they sail on a boat to a neighboring island, then they are reloaded onto an airplane and delivered to the capital where 7 circles of bureaucratic hell go through when registering with local representatives of the local state and then for the first time get on the path to civilization (on an airplane or sea transport following to Europe).

Exotic, rare and collectible items.

You can order a consultation with our specialists on any issues related to unusual goods, or goods related to the knowledge of narrow specialists. (some consultations may be paid, for example medical)

Also, you can order the supply of any rare specific information about the product.

Goods quality assurance.

When ordering a product, you can specify all the characteristics you require, including quality. You get what you ordered. (If you are new to the product, you can consult our staff about it)

Why many of our products are cheaper and better quality than in the supermarket on your street corner:

O! It's simple! Because we buy them in a country where papers from sweets are considered money. (Seriously, the economy, customs, ecology, values, laws are a little different everywhere, so the price is different in different parts of the world. And we don’t keep morons and drug addicts - bureaucrats and top managers don’t steal from us.)


DELIVERY from INDONESIA with DHL: 44£/kg.

DELIVERY from INDONESIA with sea: 30£ - first kg. , 15£ per kg. next weit.


DELIVERY from SIBERIA with UPS: 1kg-49£, 2kg-63£, 3kg-75£, 5kg-98£,10kg- 153£, 20kg — 224£, 25kg-258£, 30kg — 289£, 35kg-323£, 40kg-346£.