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Technics SH-8075

Vintage hi-fi equalizer Technics SH-8075

Based on the SH-8065, a graphic equalizer that enables more detailed sound quality adjustment with a variable equalizer that can continuously change the center frequency, resonance peak Q, and band level of only the low frequency range.

The band from 16Hz to 25kHz is divided into 33 left and right, and the center frequency of each band is set to the 1/3 octave step that is the basis of audio. This is a configuration in which 16Hz and 25kHz are added to the 31 bands of a high-end spectrum analyzer, and the arrangement of 33 sliders draws the frequency characteristic curve as it is.

When used in combination with the graphic equalizer checker SH-8000, you can make more accurate adjustments such as flattening the characteristics of the entire system and individual components, correcting the sound field in the listening room, and creating sounds that suit your taste.

Power consumption 25W

External dimensions Width 430mm x Height 153mm x Depth 330mm

Weight 6.8kg

Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz

Made in Japan

Our price 590 USDT ($)

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vintage hi-fi equalizer Technics SH-8075

vintage hi-fi equalizer Technics SH-8075